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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Edwin Brokesh | Assistant Professor

Photo of Edwin BrokeshMBA - 2006, Kansas State University
B.S. - 1983, Kansas State University
Agricultural Engineering

Contact Information
1039 Seaton Hall

Professional Experience
Edwin Brokesh earned a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering from K-State in 1983. He began his engineering career with a manufacturer of livestock equipment. In this position, he was part of a management team that took a small, local firm and made it into a nationally recognized manufacturer of equipment to handle beef cattle, bison, and swine. During his time with this manufacturer, Brokesh developed new products, designed manufacturing tools, managed sales and manufacturing personnel, purchased manufacturing equipment, oversaw the construction of two manufacturing buildings, negotiated licensing agreements for intellectual property, and completed numerous state and federal contracts. In 2008, he joined a manufacturer of grain handling equipment. While with this firm, he designed stationary and portable grain conveying equipment for national and international markets. Additionally, he was the lead engineer for the acquisition of a tracked ATV that the company purchased in 2004.

Brokesh completed a master's in business administration in 2006 and joined the biological and agricultural engineering department in 2008 as an instructor and extension engineer. He teaches courses in off-road machinery systems and engineering design. Through his extension appointment, Brokesh provides extension education on bioenergy, agricultural machine, and agricultural machine safety topics. He is a licensed professional engineer.

Brokesh is currently pursuing a doctorate in engineering. His research is focused on the costs associated with the harvest of biomass for energy. He is currently analyzing data from a DOE High-Tonnage Logistics Project utilizing the Integrated Biomass Supply Analysis and Logistics (IBSAL) model. He has also worked on Discrete Element Modeling projects related to the flow of grain within grain augers, specifically looking at the efficacy of corn screens in grain augers. Additionally, Brokesh has proposed research projects related to the impact of vibrations on commercial livestock being transported over long distances.

Academic Highlights
Brokesh is an adviser for the award-winning Helwig Farms Quarter-Scale Tractor Team and the K-State Biodiesel Initiative. He has advised several student design teams that have competed in national engineering design competitions, with one team winning the ASABE’s Gunlogson Environmental Design Competition in 2015. Brokesh is a member of several ASABE standards writing committees for safety and design. He is currently the vice chair of ASABE Lighting and Marking committee which is responsible for the standard (S279) that the United States Agricultural Machinery Illumination and Safety Act is based upon.