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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Fountain War TeamThe department of biological and agricultural engineering is unique. We strive to make a difference locally and globally by developing ways to protect and manage natural resources, alternative energy sources, and systems to provide food and fiber to a growing global population. We seek to use engineering and technology to enhance sustainability and vitality of local communities. We are committed to assisting young people with similar career aspirations in fulfilling their life goals beyond K-State.

Our department is located at the K-State campus in Manhattan, as well as at the Olathe campus and the Southwest Research-Extension Center in Garden City.


The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering serves the citizens of Kansas, the nation, and the world by providing excellent teaching, research, and service for biological, agricultural, and food systems.


By 2025, the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering will be recognized as a top 10 biological and agricultural engineering department in the nation