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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

SPRING is COMING......Is your Lawn Mower Ready?


2020 ATM Lawn Mower Clinic

Friday, April 3  4:00pm-8:00pm

Saturday, April 4 9:00am-5:00pm


Drop off at Seaton Hall at the corner of 17th Street and College Heights

Services Performed:

  • Clean Mower
  • Change Oil
  • Sharpen Blades
  • Replace Filters
  • Replace Spark Plugs

 NOTE:  Lawn Mowers must start when dropped off at the clinic, or upon scheduled pick up. No repair service will be available.

All work guaranteed


  • Push mowers ONLY - COST $45
  • Pick-up and delivery available in Manhattan, KS for first 50 mowers: (additional $20 fee)
    • Call 785-532-2901 to request pick up and delivery.  (Requests taken March 16-25, 2020) 
  • Payment due upon delivery - Cash or Check made Payable to ATM Club
  • Proceeds benefit the ATM Club of K-State