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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

James M. Steichen

steichenPh.D. - 1974, Oklahoma State University
B.S. - 1970, Oklahoma State University

Contact Information

My responsibilities as a Professor include teaching, research, and serving as Associate Director of the National Institute for Land Management and Training. I usually teach courses related to hydrology, soil conservation, and natural resources engineering. The Institute assists Department of Defense installations by supporting the training mission by helping assure the sustainable use of training ranges. More recently his work with the U.S. Army involves its need to conduct high quality, high intensity training today, while still assuring the long term sustainability of military training lands into the future. His current research at Ft. Riley, Kansas is about using riparian buffers and hardened stream crossings as a means of supporting military maneuver training on the hillsides without damaging the ecological integrity and stability of the stream system.