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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

James K. Koelliker


Ph.D. - 1972, Iowa State University
M.S. - 1969, Iowa State University
B.S. - 1967, Kansas State University

Contact Information

I am a professor working in the areas of watershed simulation modeling particularly on effects of agriculture on water supply and water quality. Also, I work with ecologists at the Konza Prairie Biological Station centers on hydrology and manipulations of the water regime on native tallgrass prairie ecosystem as a part of the Long-term Ecological Research project. My teaching responsibilities are limited to teaching senior design courses and advising College of Engineering Honor Students in the department.
I am a registered professional engineer, former head of the BAE Department, a Fellow in the ASABE, and a faculty member for 33 years. My professional interests are in water resources and environmental engineering. I have worked many years with agriculturalists, biologists and environmental scientists on interdisciplinary education and research. I was a founding member of faculty committee that established the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Secondary Major at K-State in 1991 and I was the first lead instructor for the capstone course in the program that teamed students from multiple majors on teams to work on environmental projects. I have been contributing scientist on the NSF, Long-term Ecological Research project at Konza Prairie Biological Station for the past 20 years.