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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Philip L. Barnes


Ph.D. - 2001, Kansas State University
M.S. - 1980, Texas A&M University
B.S. - 1975, University of Wyoming

Contact Information

I am an Research Engineer at K-State with responsibilities in monitoring surface water quality in impaired Kansas watersheds. Once sources for these impairments are identified economic best management practices (BMPS) are developed to reduce the impairment. Over the past 15 years I have been involved in monitoring streams impaired by pesticides, for example atrazine is a commonly used broadleaf herbicide used on corn and grain sorghum. In the early 90’s a majority of the streams and reservoirs contained levels of atrazine over the 3 ppb drinking water standard. Kansas farmers adapted bmps to reduce the lost of atrazine in surface runoff and today most of these same waters meet the drinking water standard.

New contaminants that our environmental team is monitoring include bacteria, sediments and nutrients in surface water.