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Other Extension publications

  • Liu, Z. and R. Larson. 2018. Anaerobic digestion. MidWest Plan Service (MWPS) 18-4 Manure processing and utilization. In press.
  • Powers, W., V. Vaddella, and Z. Liu. 201x. Technical Working Group on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases: Swine chapter. Subcontract to Duke University (Prime contractor: Packard Foundation). In process.
  • Liu, Z. and W. Powers. 2013. Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions from swine production facilities in North America: a meta-analysis. Swine Industry Day Report of Progress, Kansas State University.
  • Liu, Z. and W. Powers. 2013. How much my farm emit? Michigan State University Extension. Emerging issues in animal agriculture.
  • Powers, W., Z. Liu, and V. Vaddella. 2013. Climate vulnerabilities of the poultry industry. In: Climate Vulnerability. Elsevier. Oxford, UK.

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