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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Robotics Team


Welcome to the K-State BAE Robotics Team webpage!

BAE’s student robotics team has consistently established itself as one of the nation’s best. The team has never lost the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers’ student robotics competition, routinely prevailing against teams from across the U.S., Canada and Taiwan.

At the 2012 ASABE Annual International Meeting in Dallas, the K-State team successfully defended its title once again, clinching its sixth consecutive win.

The society’s student robotics competition is aimed at designing solutions to common agricultural issues. Challenge activities are typically themed around the meeting’s host city, i.e. Dallas in 2012. Automation of cattle feeding in a feedlot was this year’s challenge. Teams had to program a robot that could disperse different, prescribed amounts of feed (pellets) to 24 feeding pens on an 8 x 8 foot board. Points were awarded for speed, accuracy and elegance of design.

K-State team’s developed a plan for the robot to make six stops, dispersing pellets to four feeding pens with each stop. The team finished the competition within 55 seconds. Brainstorming began for the project in early February. Building began in April and extensive work began in May. Members volunteer for the team and elect leadership that serves until the competition.

K-State won first place at the 2011 ASABE Robotics Competition... for the fifth consecutive year!  The team traveled to Louisville, KY to compete against other teams from around the country.  The teams are judged based on performance, design and presentation.

This competition encourages university student teams to create robotic solutions for a "Challenge with an Agricultural Flavor."  Past challenges include:  communicating multiple robot systems mimicking a corn harvest operation, harvesting trees in a forest, and in 2010, the challenge is to measure the heights of trees in the same forest.

K-State's competition team members in 2011 were Dan Bigham (Meriden), Joe Dvorak (Manhattan), Spencer Kepley (Chanute), Xu Wang (China), and Brent Ware (Shawnee Mission).  Other team members include:  Audrey George (Salina), Ryan Goetsch (Overland Park).  BAE faculty advisor is Dr. Naiqian Zhang.