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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Quarter-scale Tractor Team


Welcome to the ASABE Award winning Powercat Tractors quarter-scale tractor design team.

Powercat Tractors gives students a chance to prove what they know. They see how theory relates to practical application, and are able to apply leadership, teamwork, communication, and time-management skills, which employers want. Many graduates from Powercat Tractors credit their design-team experiences for their successful employment and career success.

The Kansas State University BAE quarter-scale tractor design team won second place in the International Quarter-Scale Design Competition in 2012. The team has won this competition eight years out of the 15 years of the competition’s existence, and has finished within the top three teams in 14 out of 15 years. The Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition challenges students to harness the power and torque of a specified stock engine in order to maximize performance in the tractor pull. Through involvement in the quarter-scale tractor design team, students gain practical experience in the design of drive-train systems; tractor performance; manufacturing processes; and analysis of traction vs. forces, weight transfer and strength of materials. Annually, 15 to 20 students representing three degree programs and two colleges make up the BAE quarter-scale tractor team.