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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Graduate Student Organization


The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Graduate Student Organization consists of all enrolled graduate students (full- or part-time) in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Kansas State University. The organization consists of 22 MS students, 14 PhD students, and 5 PhD candidates from all over the world and with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. The countries represented by our 41 graduate students include Brazil, China, Iran, Iraq, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Uganda, and USA. GSO members are friendly, very sociable, and inspiring! BAE GSO plans numerous activities throughout the semester such as graduate seminars, sports competitions, and social events which enable graduate students to network, communicate, exercise, and relieve stress from academic work. 


2017 Officer Team

President: Nicholle Hatton, nmhatton@ksu.edu 

Vice President: Kelsey McDonough, krmcdono@ksu.edu

Secretary: Marvin Petingco, mpetingco@ksu.edu 

Treasurer: Ameneh Tavakol, ameneh@ksu.edu

Sports Director: Sylvester Badua, sabadua@ksu.edu

Social Director: Alireza Nooraei Beidokhti, nooraeib@ksu.edu


2017 International Potluck Dinner



2016 Sports Fest



2016 Food Safety Event



2015 Pumpkin Carving Event

 Pumpkin Carving  Pumpkin Carving


2014 Sports Fest