Assistant Professor
Seaton Hall 153

My research interests range from description and analysis of non-point source pollution at field, watershed, and regional scales to physical and mathematical analysis of transport processes in saturated and unsaturated geological environments.  Specific interests lie in analysis of hydrologic processes, surface and subsurface flows, hydrologic and water-quality impacts of climate change and associated shifts in weather patterns and land-use conditions, ephemeral gully erosion, geographic information system (GIS), and object-oriented programming and development of desktop and mobile hydrologic applications.

As a lead watershed assessment specialist and a core member of the inter-disciplinary and USDA-award winning watershed management team at Kansas State University, I am actively involved in a watershed-scale planning and management initiative called the "Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy" (WRAPS) that fosters greater watershed stakeholder involvement and attempts to enhance effectiveness of implementation of conservation practices.


1996 Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics, Kazan State University, Russia

1991 M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics / Fluid Mechanics (Summa Cum Laude)
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Kazan State University, Russia