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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Slocombe, John W.


Professor/Teaching Coordinator

149 Seaton Hall
920 N. 17th Street
Manhattan, KS 66506
(785) 532-2906

Area(s) of Specialization

Application Technology, Agricultural Machinery Systems


Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1983
M.S.,  Kansas State University, 1979
B.S.,  Kansas State University, 1977

Bio Brief

Dr. Slocombe was born in 1954, and raised on a commercial beef cattle, swine, and crops farm near Peabody, Kansas.  He completed his A.A. degree from Colby Community College in 1974 then worked in the Engineering Section of Hesston Corporation until entering Kansas State University in the Fall of 1975 where he completed his B.S. degree in 1977 and his M.S. degree in 1979.   He entered graduate school at Iowa State University in the Fall of 1980 where he completed his Ph.D. degree in 1983. 

Dr. Slocombe joined the KSU faculty in July of 1985 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering where he was promoted to Associate Professor in 1988 and Professor in 1993.  In 1996 he became coordinator of teaching for the Department and currently holds that position with a 50% teaching appointment and 50% extension appoiontment. 

Dr. Slocombe advises approximately 75 students, teaches courses in engineered systems & technology in agriculture, application technology, and coordinates the student internship program.  He develops educational programming materials on application technology for private and commercial applicators to promote safe and effective application of agrichemicals to food and fiber crops, turf, right-of-ways, and native pastures.   Since 2001, Dr. Slocombe has served as the Co-principal investigator of the Kansas Agrability Project funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture at the United States Department of Agriculture.  

In addition to his university responsibilities, Dr. Slocombe owns and operates BJ Angus Genetics Ranch near Manhattan.  He and his wife, Bonnie, have two children, Eric and Jennifer, and two grandchildren, Dylan and Taylor.



Slocombe, J.W., K. Ebert, and L.G. Schumacher.  2012.  Creating and Interinstitutional    Agricultural Systems Management Distance Education Program.  Journal of Agricultural Systems, Technology, and Management.  Vol. 23. p. 26-30.

Refereed Proceedings

Slocombe, J.W. and K. Ebert.  2011.  Youth Livestock Safety Program.  Proceedings of the 2011 National Institute of Agricultural Safety & Health Conference, Boise, ID.

Extension Publications

Slocombe, J.W.  2012.  Reading a Pesticide Label.  Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service.  MF3071.

Slocombe, J.W. and K. Ebert.  2010.  Machinery Safety on the Farm.  Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service.  MF2941.

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