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Biological and Agricultural Engineering



 AgDrone: To usher in Autonomous Agriculture Dr. Flippo has initiated  research in Small Autonomous Agriculture Vehicles with the AgDrone prototype. AgDrone is a 24V electric tracked vehicle that is simple and durable. Currently there are two AgDrones built and 7 more being refit for a large project to be announced soon. 










CAT APPThe Cultivation Assessment Test Apparatus is a Master's project to design and fabricate a highly repeatable and accurate implement and planter test apparatus. The CAT app will be coming online in 2018 and will be used for evaluation of planter , tillage, and instrumentation systems. 















The Pest abduction sampling  apparatus  is a system that will drop down from a unmanned arial vehicle (UAV) and suck up insects to bring back to a farmer or entomologists.

 lab test